Deconstruction/ Extraction


AVR specializes in the careful dismantlement of virtually all pre-1930 interior or exterior building elements. From the frame timbers and interior woodwork to terracotta and alike stone details. Expertise includes; hardware, lighting, tile, detailed iron elements, stained glass and unusual windows, doors and doorway units, house goods, ceiling tin and plaster, select plumbing fixtures, copper/zinc cornices and pediments, exterior corbels to chimney stacks.

Services are available for hire. Our emphasis has always been to ensure that the materials make it down in as close to 100% of their existing condition as possible. No short cuts are taken, and to ensure a successful end result, virtually everything is done by hand.



I have 24 years experience in the construction and demolition trades. From large to small scale projects, AVR has been involved in every step of the process from the extraction, to packing, to coordination and the shipment of various materials. Past jobs include the Division St. Canal bridge, Lincoln/Montana terracotta cladding removal and the deconstruction of the old Lake Bluff high school stone entryway.

Contact for a specific list of services available.

Seeking Selling


Whether you are the owner or a person in charge of any specific project and wanting to sell a building's materials before starting, AVR is Chicago's most trusted and experienced option. A simple walk thru and you'll be provided with a quote for items you want to sell. Once an agreement to price, terms and conditions, and a specific time frame is made an insurance certificate is provided and the full payment is made, barring any other instructions or provisions. AVR operates specific to any agreed upon time table. In the event any materials end up breaking or are not extracted and retrieved within the specific time frame, the materials may be resold or discarded without any refund concerns.

AVR has a vast array of inventory for sale and is extensively knowledgeable to help tailor it's products to your specific needs. Whether you are a homeowner, a designer, a general contractor or a collector we can assist you with your search. We understand how important time restraints can be and will be up front if we have or can locate what you're looking for. We work with a network of related businesses and would be happy steering you to someone else in the event we don't already have what you need.